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LLSS 315 Educating Linguistically Diverse Students

University of New Mexico-Farmington

Spring 2006


Dear Parent:


I am a student in the Professional Development Program of the Teacher Education Program at the University of New Mexico-Farmington enrolled in the Spring 2006 course, Educating Linguistically Diverse Students.


As a requirement of this course, I am to conduct an ethnographic case study. The purpose of this project is to learn more about a student inside and outside of school. Talking with you, your child, your family and his/her teachers will help me in becoming a better teacher who is sensitive to the needs of your child, as well as others. I look forward to the opportunity in learning alongside you and your child.


Your participation in this case study is entirely voluntary. Please know at any time you are free to withdraw your child from this project without any resulting penalty. To protect your privacy, your real name will not be used in the final case study. Instead you can choose to be identified by an alias name.


I will respect your rights and privileges when conducting this project. The information I collect will be considered confidential, and you may have access to my drafts and a copy of the final case study. UNM-Farmington faculty Dr. Frances Vitali, my course instructor, may be contacted should you have further questions concerning this project.




I agree to the terms of this project and will participate voluntarily.                                                 (please circle one)      YES    NO

I agree to include my case study on our UNM course webpage                                                   (please circle one)     YES    NO Student____________________________________Signature__________________________________Date____                                          


Parent(s)________________________________ __Signature__________________________________Date____



UNM-F Student___________________________________Signature_____________________________Date____


School Principal___________________________________Signature____________________________Date____


Faculty InstructorFrances Vitali, Ph.D.                                                                  


Burlington Resources Annex, 2nd Floor

3539 30th Street

Farmington, NM 87402

505 556 3480                                                                                           

(one copy given to parents, principal and UNM-F student)