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·       Prior to your research what procedures did you undertake to communicate about the project and seek permission and support of students, parents, administration, colleagues, and UNM?

·       What do your students know of your research? Are they research partners?

·       How have you addressed student privacy and parent accessibility?

·       Parent Consent Forms and Assent forms?

·       What support do you have from administrators, teachers, parents?

·       How will you share and communicate results with shareholders?


Describe these procedures and include copies in APPENDIXES.






Develop a systematic research plan

·       Develop a time-line to gather evidence or data to examine what you are trying to accomplish/resolve/do in light of “what you do not know yet”.

·       Decide what evidence you want to collect and explain how you will collect it.

·       Evidence includes research tools: questionnaires, surveys, observations (video or written notes), collaborations (video or audio tape of meetings, peer coaching), interviews, tests and records, student work, video and audio tape transcripts, personal journal, reflections, library readings, etc.





APA style=language conventions used by a professional academic community for the purpose of communicating through uniform standards writing mechanics such as capitalization, punctuation, spelling, use of terms, formats and citing sources.