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January  2008,


Dear Students:


You are invited to become a co-research partner with your teacher in our practitioner research:


What you should know about our research project is:

   Your participation is voluntary.


   If you participate and decide later that you do not want to participate, you can do so without any kind of penalty.


   Your name will not be used in our research. You can choose a research name instead; and your name will not be included on any work samples used in our written research.


   Any information collected for our research will be locked securely and kept confidential accessible only to me. If requested, you and your parents may view the information I collect about you. Audio tapes and videotapes will be destroyed after the research project is completed.


   There are no risks in doing our research project and the benefit helping us all become better learners, even me!


   By writing and signing your name below, you agree that I have answered all your questions about our research project and you understand and agree to be a research partner with me in our classroom this semester 2008. THANK YOU!



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